B.I.T. International Schools follow a dynamic and technology-based Singaporean-led capsule curriculum focusing on innovation, financial literacy, creativity and product design using multiple languages. Subject syllabuses are seen as a starting point for deeper, more exciting and wide-ranging inquiry and project-based learning. Students success is carefully tracked throughout the year following national and international assessments such as PISA, SAT, TIMSS, ACT and TEOFL/IELTS.

Students explore and create within our innovation labs, and develop life skills while learning sports, music, as well as global citizenship. While our curriculum is offered in English, language is used as an interdisciplinary tool to foster quicker language acquisition within the context of real-life situations and achieve high-literacy rates.

Our flexible and child-centered K-12 curriculum uniquely inspires students towards production, rather than consumption, and empathetic collaboration rather than competition. B.I.T. defines these skills to include critical thinking/reasoning, creativity/creative thinking, problem solving, metacognition, collaboration, and communication.